Thursday, September 29, 2011

How much blogging content on a site is enough?

Many businesses run a blog as a part of their social media strategy. The aim is to pass on their thoughts as a corporate brand and comment on the relevant topics. But amidst the hustle bustle of the day, how do we ensure that our blog is up and running with the right amount of content inflow?
In the following post, I will share some research findings on optimal frequency of blog posts for customer acquisition and how to ensure that the frequency is maintained.
What you should do
In order to understand this first, we need to find answers to the following questions:
  • What is the right frequency of posting the content on the blog?
  • How does the posting frequency affect the traffic?
I found an interesting research by Hubspot which explains this in great detail. Below follows a few key points from it. And first of all, when looking to grow your readership or business, blogging two to three times a week helps gain traction:

Closely related to blogging frequency, is posting a sufficient number of posts to show blogging commitment. According to Hubspot, this happens after 52 posts. Greater depth of content produces better results for search and linking. More frequent posting gets you to this post faster:

After understanding the need to blog 2-3 times a week, there is always a persistent question, namely how we should manage enough content to post so often? Here are few tips which I thought you might find useful:
    • Collect post ideas: Sometimes it is difficult to find inspiration at the last minute to compose a blog post. Therefore, it is good to make a note of ideas as you get them, so when needed only the key points need to be elaborated upon.
    • Use an editorial calendar: While this may seem like additional work up front, it helps to schedule post ideas and ensures that you cover important topics.
    • Mix in other media formats: Another way to facilitate content creation is to use other media types. For example, it is good to include a weekly video, photo, graphics and editorial content. While doing this, the EdgeRank algorithm should also be kept in mind to maintain desired engagement on your blog. (Certain types of posts create more engagement than others.)
    • Focused round ups: It is good to have monthly or weekly recap of posts. The critical element is to add commentary explaining why that post was and still is important.
    • Share the workload: The key to writing a post is to maintain both the quality and quantity of the content. Therefore, it is good to ensure that the blogger has enough time to identify the trends, think and then write. This can be easily managed for business blogs, because a variety of employees are involved. Alternatively, it is good to invite guest bloggers and columnists, since this reduces the load and also attracts some attention.
    Do you have some tips for running a blog? What do you do?

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