Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wordpress or Blogger?

I use both Blogger and Wordpress and I am torn which I like the best.  

I'm curious which you like best?  Below I found a comparison chart between the two.

Please post your comments and thoughts!

DashboardNew: Updated dashboard design. More features, but is unusable without JavaScript. It's an Opt-in alternative for now.The WP.com dashboard renders fast and dial-upusers can switch to the mobile interface to post an entry quickly.
Themes and customizationBlogger introduced a collection of easy-to-customize templates with mobile versions and Google Web Fonts. Earlier templates can still be edited, but without all the new features.No template editing. Style sheet editing is only available as a paid upgrade. Most of the 100+ themes let you upload a header image. Many of them have additional options.
From a mobileBlogger Help has a section with information about mobile blogging.m.wordpress.com/Applications exist for a wide range of mobile devices
Visitor StatsBuilt-in visitor stats.Built-in visitor stats.
JavaScriptYou can include
third-party scripts.
No scripts allowed.
Domain namesFree domain name transfer A paid upgrade is required to transfer an existing domain name.
AdSense(Google ads)Option for shared revenue from ads.
But it's hard to attract enough visitors to earn more than pennies.
No. But Wordpress.com often appends its own version to users' posts. Logged-in users don't see the ads 
ImportOnly from another BlogSpot blog. However, a third-party tool called Wordpress2blogger
can convert up to 1 MB.
Import from Blogger, Yahoo! 360, Type·Pad, MovabIe·Type, Blogli, Israblog, Posterous, Vox.com, Live·JournaIor another WordPress blog.
Image storage1 Gigabyte. There is no dashboard interface to browse through uploaded images, which get stored in Picasa Web Albums.3 Gigabytes. Paid upgrades are available to add more space.
You can also upload
.ppt.doc.odt and .pdffiles (more file types with an upgrade).
GalleriesSlideshow widget
(Picasa Web Albums or other external sources).
Simply add the tag [gallery] to any post or page
Static pagesCreate up to 10 pages, but unlike WordPress no static front page.Create posts or 'pages'. Static pages are listed in separate menus.
Share buttonsIn the Navbar, plus a "Share" buttons option:
Configure any of your favorite "Share" buttons.
Post excerptsInclude Jump Breaks in your posts Post excerpts with a "more" tag.
Post by emailSubmit your posts by email. You can receive new posts by email too (helpful for team blogs).Submit your posts by email. Images can be attached
Contact formsNot available. You could add a third-party contact form, however.Simply add the tag
to any post or page or use advanced features.
Private blogsYou can restrict access to 100 invited Google account holders.You can restrict access to 35 invited Wordpress account holders (no limit with a paid upgrade).
Alternatively, individual posts can be password protected or Private.
Team blogsAdministrators and non-administrators only.Administrator, Editors, Authors & Contributors. Option to receive post changes by email.
CommentsVisual confirmation, spam filtering and moderation options, but no editing of comments.Moderation, comment editing and Akismet spam protection.
FeedbackReactions.  A mini-poll option for reader ratings.A "Like" button. Visitors can put a link to their Profile page in yourpost. Beware!

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