Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to push notification guide for iPhone and Droid. What is it?

What is a Push Notification?

On the most basic level, a push notification is a short message you send to a user’s device from your app. Proper use of Push has been proven to increase important metrics such as number of app opens and time spent in app. These statistics are vital to an app’s success. For instance, if your app monetizes through in-app advertising then it needs a continually strong user base. If your app is designed to raise awareness and drive engagement with a brand, then you need evidence to prove its effectiveness.

Push Notifications Provide Valuable Insight into User Behavior
Are the majority of users playing with an app in the evening hours? Do they check for updates right
when they wake in the morning? Are they spending two more minutes in an app when they receive in-
game items through a push? How does user behavior differ from one local area to the next?
Push notifications are a direct response medium and can provide answers to these and other key ques-
tions related to your mobile strategy. Analyzing usage data helps brands uncover valuable insights into
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consumer behavior. Brands can then use that knowledge to improve the user experience and help guide
communication and content strategies, resulting in more valuable, engaging, and successful campaigns.

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