Saturday, March 3, 2012

4 Excellent iPhone Apps Worth Paying For


4 Excellent iPhone Apps Worth Paying For

The Cookie Mongo children's app has over 5 games, lot's of Videos and fun and great Music that's filled with learning, teaching respect, and more that's just good stuff for kids!

The Cookie Mongo Gang iPhone app includes many hours of fun including many songs off the Cookie Mongo Album on iTunes (a $4 value free)!!! It also includes games for children that can keep them busy for many hours!

It is a lot of fun for the kids, with songs that promote respect, sharing, and good family values… Everyone in the family will enjoy listening to the songs and catchy tunes and videos. Brighten your child's life with this wonderful gift.

Music/video includes:
"The Driving Song"
"The Animal Song"
"Get what you get and don't throw a fit"
ABC's and word spellings

Games including:
Animal Sound Match
Find Cookie
Reaction Time
Kid's Diary
and more!

A great value with Games, Video, and Music! DOWNLOAD

2. Lemon Download

Lemon gives you a fresh way to see your money and spend it smarter.
Use Lemon to capture all of your receipts so you can throw away the paper, keep the important stuff, and see your money in a whole new way.

Key Features:
• Scan an unlimited amount of receipts
• Can't find the receipt, don't worry, you can manually enter a purchase as well
• Send email receipts to your address (register for a Lemon account to get your personal address)

• Assign labels and categories to organize spending data
• Generate spending summary reports
• Capture merchant data, purchase total, date and category
• Export receipt scans and data any time
• Store receipt data securely with SSL encryption
• Meet IRS requirements for receipt storage

3. Marriage Fight Tracker Download

Want to improve your marriage? Need a Marriage Ref?
This app is to help your marriage and to put a more logical approach to issues. Ever got in a fight with your spouse or significant other about something in the past? Wish you could prove past things he or she has done or not done?
If you want to improve and keep track of your issues, you need the marriage fight tracker!
This app keeps track of your arguments and issues that include date, facts, description, and as many details about your fight or argument as you want.
It includes 10 rules for you and your significant other to follow every day, marriage video advice, and updated marriage tips!

Password protected for security.

4.  Contract Kit  Download

Why pay for forms and contracts one at a time for up to $20 each when you can have all of them on your iPhone and computer at one low price?

Contract Kit is a comprehensive collection of over 600 Business contracts and Business letters. Don't have your laptop, in a hurry, or just want to easily have access to about any contract? Contract Kit is your answer!

Contracts include:
Real Estate Contracts/Leases
Confidentiality Agreements
Buying Business Contracts
Consultant and Contractor Agreements
Employment Agreements and Forms
Incorporation Forms
License Agreements
Loan Agreements
Rewarding and Managing Employee Plans and Handbooks
Sales and Service Contracts and Forms
Stock Purchases
Business Transactions
Product Service Forms
Guidelines and Example Forms
Letters for meetings/announcements/cancellations
Recording Minutes
Thank you letters
Business Procedures
Recommendation Letters and Queries
Records Requests
Reminders/Followup Sales Letters
Safety Precautions and Guidelines for Businesses
Appreciation Letters to Clients, Staff and Employees
Human Relation Letters and Documents

and Many Many More!

Contract Kit is your ONE STOP SHOP for any person or company to have just about any contract or letter ready to edit or send. Contract Kit for iPhone also includes all these contracts and letters for your Mac or PC for free with the app!

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