Monday, April 30, 2012

Apple Flirting with Epix for Streaming Video

Apple Flirting with Epix for Streaming Video From 3 Major Studios

As rumors continue to run rampant about the alleged Apple HDTV set, now there's a tantalizing clue about programming Apple might use to entice people to buy and watch such a device.

Reuters found out Apple is currently in negotiations with Epix, a studio-backed company that streams relatively new content from major studios Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount.

Hey, isn't this how Netflix gets a lot of its best and newest movies and such for streaming? It sure is, and it's costing that company $200 million to do so, in an agreement that expires as soon as September of this year. Maybe Apple figures to get in on this action, perhaps even wresting exclusivity away from Netflix. There's talk of an Epix app for all iOS devices that will do just that.

One thing's certain: Apple's success with music on iTunes hinged on agreements with record companies, and its success with an Apple TV set likewise depends on favorable deals with movie studios.

If Apple wins streaming exclusivity for the latest movies, perhaps even beating to market those residing in its own iTunes video stable, the company could prove to be a juggernaunt in the HDTV world as well. Stay tuned.

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