Monday, April 9, 2012

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Trulia Rentals tops iOS Apps of the Week

Don't look now, but it's time for this week's top apps! Our favorite new apps this week include one for helping you find apartment rentals, an app to get deals on restaurants, apps for recommendations on books, movies and restaurants, and an update to one of the best music-tagging apps around.

Trulia Rentals (Free)

Trulia Rentals is ideal for the person who knows what they're looking for in a home but isn't ready to buy a place yet. With Trulia Rentals, users can search for apartments and homes for rent via thorough search criteria and even get alerts when new rentals hit the market. The app also includes a map that shows nearby restaurants, grocery stores and shops so that the prospective renter will know what sort of neighborhood they could be moving in to. Trulia Rentals even lets users contact landlords from the app when possible, making it a great app to use when you don't have time to sit at your computer and craft an email.

Jybe (Free)

Jybe is a personal recommendations app that is built upon your own tastes. By asking a series of thumbs up/down questions about your tastes in movies, music, food and other activities, Jybe creates a profile of your personality and then recommends activities for you based upon things it thinks you will enjoy. Users can also link their Netflix account to the app and add movies that Jybe recommends right to their queue. Jybe also displays menus for the restaurants it recommends and showtimes for the movies it suggests.

Shazam 5.01 (Free)

Shazam's latest update is all about speed. The erstwhile music-tagging app has done some work under the hood and is running better than ever. The speed of tagging music has improved and even the app's boot-up time is over a second quicker. Shazam also added the option to make custom tweets when you opt to make your music tagging into a social experience.

Bookslinger (Free)

If you're tired of the Dan Browns of the world and want to read some literature that's a little more under the radar, Bookslinger is the app for you. Bookslinger comes preloaded with a few short stories, and each week the app will add a free story from one of its numerous independent publishers. The aim is to focus on little-known or emerging writers that might not be getting the press that other more noteworthy authors receive.  Publishers involved in Bookslinger include Fulcrum Publishing, Feminist Press, Dzanc Books, Turtle Point Press and many more.

BiteHunter (Free)

BiteHunter makes it easy to get great deals on dining options. The app aggregates food deals from places like Groupon, LivingSocial, Spinach, Google and more and presents them all to its users under one simple interface. The latest update to BiteHunter now lets users purchase all deals under one single log-in, no longer requiring them to remember their individual passwords for numerous deal sites. This update is ideal for someone who wants to spend more time eating and less time remembering passwords.

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