Sunday, September 25, 2011

Car Sales Tracker iPhone App

This app will improve your car sales! The Car Sales Tracker gives you all the tools you need to sell a car, keep track of leads, appointments, reminders, watch car reviews, get Blue Book value on a car, sales tips and more!


In this version we also adding a blogging feature to view comments, get car brochures, and to post questions. It also includes steps in selling a car and a recorder to record your sales pitch or keep notes!

This is the perfect app for the Professional Car Salesman to boost your car sales, keep relationships with your clients, track your commissions, and keep up with the latest car news and reviews!

Buy now at the reduced price and get free updates! More features coming soon to make Car Sale Tracker even better!

App Includes:
-Database Driven Customer Database and Selling Tool
-Integrated Lead List
-Integrated Calendar and Reminder
-Blogging, Tips and Tricks, car brochures
-10 Steps to Selling a car
-Car Review Videos on new and used vehicles
-Blue Book Value of cars
-Sales Tips
-Help Video

Full PDF here:

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