Saturday, October 1, 2011

‘Home Inventory Video’ iPhone App Released. Needed for disasters like tornado in Joplin, MO.

Click here to download!  

After the Joplin Tornado hit  and nearly wiped out the city (which is just a few miles from our city of Springfield, MO), we really pushed to get the iPhone App out on the market.  It’s ahead of the rest of the Home Inventory iPhone Apps out there because it lets you record video and upload it offsite.  So, if you lose your phone (or a tornado hits), you still have a record of all of your inventory.  There is also a document share option to easily transfer many photos of your home in a flash to anywhere!  This iPhone App is a must for everybody. Taking a home inventory of your home or apartment is a must if disaster, theft, or other hits the home you live.
Here’s the description on the App Store:  The Home Inventory Video App gives you all of the normal home inventory features by letting you add each item and taking a picture, but also allows you to video your home and upload your inventory or send it to another. This app is packed with features to give you peace of mind on everything you own.  This is a must for your insurance company.

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