Friday, October 14, 2011

How times are changing

One-Year-Old Tries to Work Magazine Like an iPad

The Apple iPad. So easy to use, a child can do it. A magazine? Well, that proves to be more of a challenge -- at least for one very gadget-savvy baby girl.
A video surfaced by CNET shows an adorable one-year-old working an iPad faster than most of us can think. But when the same techno-whiz kid is handed a magazine, the child of the iPhone age is lost.
The video was posted by French father Jean-Louis Costanza, who has seen the future for his daughter: She thinks a magazine is a broken iPad. In the clip, the adorable child is traded an iPad for a magazine.
The techno-baby patiently taps the printed page and pinches it as if it were a touch screen. But the magazine is nothing more than a useless piece of broken tech. Glossy photos of fashion models? Pages of text? What good are they if they aren't an app?
Somewhere, Steve Jobs is laughing. Or, as dad Costanza put it, "Steve Jobs has coded a part of her OS."

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