Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Multipost for iPhone info and screenshots

The new iPhone App 'Multipost' is now available on the App Store to make posting to all your social media networks and blogs easy and with one button. Download Multipost from the App Store here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/multipost/id474513686?mt=8

If you do any social networking or blogging at all, it's sometimes a pain visiting each site to make a post. You go to Facebook and post to your company page, then you go to Twitter and make a post, then maybe to create another post of the same material to your Blogger account. Now, the Multipost iPhone App available on the App Store can do all this for you with only one post, and one place.

There are many nice features to Multipost, one feature I like is that you can you can browse the web and Multipost will copy and paste the text and images for posting, now ready for you to post. You then can select where you want your content to be posted. For example, lets say you want to post information about the new iPhone 4S. You can get your content through the built in web browser in Multipost, click a button and it's copied to your posting window. Let's say this isn't info you want to go to your Facebook page, so you just select Linkedin, Blogger, Wordpress, Twitter, and Posterous. You simply select where you want it posted whether it's to one or all of your blogs and social media sites and Multipost does the rest. You can also include images in all of your posts which is also nice.

Multipost enables you to post just links of your content or to select text from the browser windows where it will copy the text and the images for you.

Multipost also enables you to check updates on your social media sites and blogs including Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Wordpress, Posterous, Flickr, Tumblr, and Linkedin.

If you're a marketer, blogger, or just into social media, Multipost for iPhone is a must have iPhone App for 2012.

Download Multipost from the App Store here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/multipost/id474513686?mt=8

You can also visit the developers website at: http://www.appzdev.com for more info on this amazing iPhone App.

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