Friday, January 20, 2012

Apple focuses on education with iBooks

Statistics on Education Performance
Apple's Phil Schiller showed statistics on how well U.S. children are performing compared to kids in other countries; they ranked 17th in reading, 31st in math and 23rd in science.

Biology Textbook on the iPad
Phil Schiller demonstrated a biology textbook opening up on the iPad.

Interactive Textbooks
Inside of the Biology textbook. These books will be fully interactive.

Helping Students Study
The books can easily take content highlighted and turn it into a flashcard for review later.

Note Taking Made Easy
Saving information for later just requires a finger swipe to access a highlighter tool.

iBooks Author
Drop any document file into iBooks Author, and the program figures out the best way to lay it out.

iBooks In Depth
Another look at the textbook builder.

iBooks Author Rundown
A list of the advantages of iBooks Author.

Already in the Store
Just a few of the titles already available in the updated iBooks Store. These titles are by Pearson

Ebooks Already Created
These books are by McGraw Hill, and already ready for download.

Wide Selection of K-12 Titles
These DK-published titles are also in the iBooks store.

Biology iBooks
E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation launched a project to reinvent biology textbook. Titled Life On Earth, it is exclusive to iBooks.

E.O. Wilson Foundation Book
The first two chapters are available to download right away.

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