Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Over 200 Contracts and Letters in one iPhone App, and now on sale!

 We're about to release our new Contract Kit app and to gear up, we're putting it on sale! You'll get our update for free once it's released! GET CONTRACT KIT NOW WHILE IT'S ON SALE AND $2.00 OFF!

Download Here!

Nominated as the best mobile app by the Holiday App Awards!

Why pay for forms and contracts one at a time for up to $20 each when you can have all of them on your iPhone and computer at one low price?

Contract Kit is a comprehensive collection of over 600 Business contracts and Business letters. Don't have your laptop, in a hurry, or just want to easily have access to about any contract? Contract Kit is your answer!

Contracts include:
Real Estate Contracts/Leases
Confidentiality Agreements
Buying Business Contracts
Consultant and Contractor Agreements
Employment Agreements and Forms
Incorporation Forms
License Agreements
Loan Agreements
Rewarding and Managing Employee Plans and Handbooks
Sales and Service Contracts and Forms
Stock Purchases
Business Transactions
Product Service Forms
Guidelines and Example Forms
Letters for meetings/announcements/cancellations
Recording Minutes
Thank you letters
Business Procedures
Recommendation Letters and Queries
Records Requests
Reminders/Followup Sales Letters
Safety Precautions and Guidelines for Businesses
Appreciation Letters to Clients, Staff and Employees
Human Relation Letters and Documents

and Many Many More!

Contract Kit is your ONE STOP SHOP for any person or company to have just about any contract or letter ready to edit or send. Contract Kit for iPhone also includes all these contracts and letters for your Mac or PC for free with the app!

Buy today and get even more contracts and letters added in the future for free!

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